The World without Israel

By Faisal Assegaf

The war in Lebanon was over, but Israel invasion against that country forced us to remember again Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad’s sharp comments that called to wipe the state of Israel from the world map, in October last year. A few days later, he said Israel as tumor and must removed from Middle East region.

May be Ahmadinejad just dreamed last night. Perhaps, he has imagined that Israel which declared its independence in 1948, dismissed. It’s not clear because of what. This kind of dream is normal for many people. When a problem is so disturbed for someone until come into his unconscious, it will emerge as a dream. Ahmadinejad has been anti-Israel for many years. Off course, the admirer of the leader of Iranian Islamic Revolution, Ayatullah Khomeini, always think how to disappear the Jewish country.

But it’s not clear why Iran has never bravely to confront directly with Israel. During this time, they just have been committing psycho war. Along with Syria, Tehran is more favor to support the struggle of Hamas movement in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon to demolish Israel by military training and weapon supplies. Obviously, vanishing Israel it’s not easy as turn over the sole hand. Unfortunately, Arab and muslim countries can’t unite because their each national interests under control of the United States, eternal ally of Israel.

All sides must recognize that imagine Israel disappeared from the earth is an illusion. They’re so grimed and also sly. Through Zionism that wants to create the Great Israel, the Jewish nation has been able to establish a state that even acknowledged by some Arab countries, like Egypt and Jordan. By Balfour Declaration in 1917, the Jewish farm communities (kibbutz) can grow faster and have occupied Palestinian lands piece by piece. For that goal Israel isn’t reluctantly to kill civilian. They weren’t afraid of war because they believe their occupation territories are the land promised by God according to the Old Testament.

For most of muslims, conflict with Israel is an eternality. They have convinced that if Israel can be defeated, therefore day of judgments is coming. Probably this belief base on a verse of Al-Quran means: “Jews and Christians will never sincere until you (muslims) follow their ways.”

In fact, Israel is so powerful in the international political arena and deceived Islamic countries through the United Nations. During this time, the largest organization in the world never able to stop Israel that continues committing war crimes against Palestinians.

The problem in on the US, one of permanent member of the UN Security Council, that always use its veto rights against any draft resolution which oppose Israeli interests. Don’t imagine the US is taking affirmative actions. They will refuse any resolutions that blame on Israeli military strike against Palestinian nation. Except of that, the composition of five permanent members of the UN Security Council isn’t fair for Islamic countries. This fact is so ironic because Islam as one of the largest religion in the world has no representative as a permanent member of the UN Security Council that has veto right.

Along with Great Britain, France, and Russia, beside represent Christian community, the Unites States has also represented the Jewish interest. Otherwise, China belongs to Buddhist. Those five nuclear powers has veto right, a special right that make them able to reject any resolutions which oppose their national interests.

Those five permanent members of the UN Security Council definitely oppose an idea to erase veto right. That’s why the reforms want to be done by the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan just only adding permanent members. If approval, Indonesia as largest muslim country in the world must be chosen as Islamic representative and India as delegation from Hindu. Certainly, these two countries must have veto right too.

Israel has also power on global economy. They have controlled traffic of world trade and finance transactions through World Trade Organization (WTO), World Bank, and International Monetary Fund (IMF). Practices of globalization and free trade have made all muslim countries that are developing even underdeveloped, more depend on western countries which pro-Israel.

All economic assistance through foreign loans aren’t help, otherwise they more choke. Therefore, western countries freely to influence domestic and foreign policies of muslim countries, included Indonesia. So, imagine the destruction of Israel as well as dream on the world peace. For the White House, Israel has had role to test any kind of the US most sophisticated weapons to slaughter Palestinians, the best way of promotion.

Obviously, those conditions will continue to emerge tensions in Middle East. So, Arab countries in this region are still worried there will be war one day. Therefore, it’s unavoidable, Arab rich kings have requested protection from United States. Otherwise, Israeli power on several world major media has influenced international opinion. Through issue Iraq has been developing nuclear weapons, Jews succeeded to push United States strike Iraq until President Saddam Hussein was toppled in April 2003.

That accusation never approved. Otherwise, the occupation by around 150,000 US soldiers along with other countries has divided Iraqis. There were conflicts between Sunni and Shiite there. The collapse of World Trade Centre twin towers was another evidence of the success of Israeli propaganda (read 9/11 Evil by Victor Thorn). For logically common people, were unbelievable a terrorist group has easily crushed their aircraft without known by the US radar. This incident has made President George Walker Bush was so angry and then he launched global campaign against terrorism. In fact, muslim and Islamic countries have been targeted. Islam phobia has spread widely in western communities.

Israel has succeeded to become Islam as number one enemy in the world after communist era ended. Obviously, Islamic radical groups will never willing and continue their resistance. Conflicts will continue as well as Israeli influence becomes stronger. So, imagine Israel will be disappeared is like a title of Indonesia television show: Mimpi Kali Ye

This article was published on Koran Tempo, 29 August 2006




1 thought on “The World without Israel

  1. I am sick of all the fighting and war and self-pity. Armenians were destroyed by a genocide too, and they don’t complain one millionth the amount that zionists do about the Holocaust. What’s in the past, as horrible as it may seem, is past. We must now strive towards a future for peace for EVERYONE, including my Muslim, Hindu, and Christian friends, for as long as you have good morals and are kind and believe in the one true God, nothing else matters.

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