Israel, 60 years as Parasite

By Faisal Assegaf

Off course, Israeli government and their people are proud because can survive until 60 years. They have made big parties for a week to celebrate their independence day. Because it’s so special, official ceremony was held on 8 May, based on the Jewish calendar, and not 14 May according to the Messiah calendar.

But if we understood how Israel could be a developed and strong country, they have applied the disgusting and shameful ways. This country was only relied on the Unites States that has become their milk cow. Through the evil and dirty Zionist lobbies, Israel has succeeded to gnaw resources and capabilities belong to the super power country.

Israel has become the biggest recipient of the US foreign aid sice the Second World War. They have received at least US$ 140 billion until recently or thirty percents of all the US foreign aid.

It was very ironic. Assistances for Israel that has per capita income above US$ 16,000 per year are ten times more than accepted by Ethiopia that has only per capita income US$ 100 and has been starving for many years. Aids for Israel are bigger than received by all African countries added with Latin America and Caribbean countries.

And greatly, all is free even the aids status is loan according to the paper agreements. It caused by the US government never demand, otherwise all Israel’s debt has been wiped. Washington has even guaranteed Israel’s loan. But Israel always claimed never late to pay their obligations.

Israel has got special treatment. They receive the annual aid at the beginning of the year. At this year, Israel accepted around US$ 5.5 billion. It’s very different with another recipient countries accepted the US aids in four stages. But Israel slyly deposit those assistances in the US banks, therefore they can enjoy the interest. Israel hasn’t been requested to explain what the aids for.

In military aspect, Israel can purchase weapons directly to the companies, otherwise the other countries must be through Pentagon. Actually, Israel is more likely to buy weapons from their own companies. If they have to buy form the US companies, Israel always demand those do the same thing. Even they have got weapons from the United States, Israel frequently sell those wepons to another countries without the US permission.

Those proved the power of Zionist lobbies in the United States. Those control all the aspect of life, such as finance, banks, media, education, and politics. Recently, there are around 52 pro-Israel organizations, included American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), American Jewish Committee (AJC), and Anti Defamation League (ADL).

Twice a year, AIPAC lobbyists approach every person of Congress members to assure they still support Israel. Every season of presidential campaign, Political Action Committee (PAC) established by AIPAC in all states can pay US$ 10,000 for each Congressional candidate.

Those Zionist lobbyists have also place a number of strategic positions in governmental institutions. According to professor james Petras, the author of “The Power of Israel in USA”, they were Israeli Firsters which means the persons who always place Israel in the first priority, such as former defence minister Paul Wolfowitz.

So, it’s not surprisingly Israel can continue their occupation against Palestine. The US officials have become slaves of Jewish lobbyist therefore they weren’t ashamed to violate their own rules. According to the article 16 of Foreign Assistance Law, aids are forbidden for countries that continue committed humanitarian crime.

In fact, Israel still committed to kill, torture, and bombing Palestinians. Even after Annapolis conference in November last year, violence has killed at least 350 people, mostly Palestinians. If accounted since the second intifadah in September, the dead toll around 4,400. Israel has also created humanitarian crisis by blockading Gaza Strip controlled by Hamas movement since mid June last year.

The power of Zionist lobby has changed the United States becomes a giant prison for the Israel critics. The newest victims are two authors of “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy”. Professor John Mearsheimer from Chicago University and Professor Stepehn Walt from Harvard University have been fired from their each campus.

The Jewish community in United States has become the number one citizen after President George Walker Bush signed the Global Review on Anti Semit Law in October 2004. This rule has obliged Foreing Minister Condoleezza Rice submits annual report on anti Semit actions around the world. She must also appoint an envoy that chair office of control and war anti Semitism.

That rule has become a guide for Israel, so they can freely not to implement 200 UN Security Council resolutions. Regarding Israel-Palestine conflict. The US also not necessary to be ashamed to veto any draft resolutions oppose Israeli interests. Washington has vetoed 32 resolutions which against its ally since Israeli invasion against Lebanon in 1982. So, it wasn’t surprisingly if two US presidential nominees from the Democrat party, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, will defend Israel die hard if striked by Iran.

It’s not hyperbolic if we support President Mahmud Ahmadinejad’s statement that Israel is proper to be demolished because that country is likely parasite that always be damaged.

This article was published on Koran Tempo daily, 9 May 2008








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