Approach the Western Wall

Obama prayed at the Western Wall when Moslems did Shubuh praying in the Al-Aqsha mosque.

The most effective strategy to approach a community by following yheir way of life, included their worship. The US presidential candidate from Democrat Party Barack Hussein Obama, 47, also realized this kind tactic could be used to assure the Jewish voters.

That’s why in his last two day visit in Israel on Thursday two weeks ago, he visited the Western Wall or Kotel in Hebrew which sacred by Jews. This holy place located in the Al-Aqsha mosque compound, east Jerusalem.

He didn’t come as a tourist. Even he was Christian, this US first black presidential nominee came to pray. He wore white kippa (Jewish cap) and accompanied by Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz that in charge on the Wall. Obama and his wife Michele along ten minutes read Psalm 122 which is pray for peace in Jerusalem.

This holy city for three religions – Islam, Jewish, and Christian – was disputed. Palestinians wish Jerusalem will become a capital of their next independent state. But Israel recognized it after Six Day War 1967 as their eternal and undivided capital through Jerusalem Basic Law passed by Knesset in 1980.

As tradition, Obama put in his pray note into crack of the Wall. The note should be classified leaked to public after a seminary student with initial name Aleph took and gave it to Maariv newspaper.

Its content: “God, protect me and my family. Forgive my sins and help me to face pride and desperateness. Give me wisdoms to do right and fair. Appoint me as yhe way of your will.”

Actually, to keep secrecy, twice a year Rabbi Rabinowitz removes pilgrim’s pray note to a secret place before Rosh Hassanah and Easter. Off course, that incident worried Jewish religious authority. Rabbi Rabinowitz wrote an apologized letter to that Illinois Senator. “God has forbidden anyone read someone’s pray note,” he said. Scaring Aleph asked Obama’s forgiveness on Channel 2.

Jerusalem lawyer, Shahar Alon, requested Attorney General Menachem Mazuz issued an order for the police to investigate this case. By leaking publicly, Maariv has violated laws and principle rights for individual respect and freedom,” he added.

He called for boycott until that daily apologize. But Maariv defended themselves. They argued Obama distributed his pray note when he went out of his stay in King David Hotel, Jerusalem. “Because Obama wasn’t Jews, there’s no rights violation.”

Obama didn’t care on that issue. The most important for him, he was more attractive for Jewish voters than his competitor John McCain from Republic side. That’s way in his visit to the Wall, he also campaigned. “We will continue to ensure Israel’s security because Israel was our true friend,” Obama said.

The pilgrims were enthusiastic on Obama’s visit. Women pilgrims on the other side of the Wall stood on chairs to witness him more closely. They also fought for shaking hand with him. Even an ultranationalist activist, Itamar Ben-Gvir, yielded, “Jerusalem is not for sale.”

Eventually, Obama caused Arabs and Moslems hurt feeling as he arrived at 5.00 am at the Western Wall while Moslems did Shubuh praying in the Al-Aqsha mosque.

Arutz Sheva/Haaretz/Maariv/Faisal Assegaf

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