Son of Hamas in Jesus’ Embrace

A son of Hamas leader changed into Christian.

A night in a restaurant in California, the United States. Two men started to pray before enjoying their dinner already served. Whispering, they said a few of sacred words: “Thanks God and Jesus for food on the plate.”

Actually, what they’re doing isn’t strange for Christians. But surprisingly, one of those men was Masab, the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a Hamas leader in West Bank. He didn’t seem doubted, only looked at his friend analogously before praying. “Now, called me Joseph,” he said.

Whereas, he was very active for many years to help his father’s struggle against Israeli occupation. Even he was in jailed caused by that activities. Ironically, the 30 year old man changed his creed while his father in Israeli prison. Hassan Yousef is part of 45 Palestinian member of parliaments were arrested by Israeli soldier.

Masab realized that he is facing big risks. His new religion is going to threat his life and able to break up relationship with his relatives in Ramallah, West Bank. But he hoped his parent and families want to accept that reality. “Probably in one day, I can go back to Palestine and Ramallah with Jesus and the Kingdom of God,” he said.

He didn’t only change his religion. His views on Israel also reversed, from enemy become friend. “Tell my greeitng to Israel. I respect and admire Israel as a state,” he said. He also reminded that Israel will never reach a peace deal with Hamas because forbidden by Islam as its ideology.

Even the two sides has agreed for the truce, the fighting is still going on. Hamas that controlled Gaza Strip since in the middle of June last year committed not to recognize Israel and to destroy that zionist country.

Obviously, Masab’s new religion would surprise his families. But his mother didn’t belive and accused Israel want to destory Hamas’ image in the moslem world. She planned to sue Israeli Haaretz newspaper whivh report the story.

Hamas leader in Gaza Mahmud Zahar also gave the same comments. “That story can’t believed. Israel always create untrue,” he told Tempo by phone yesterday.

Haaretz/International Middle East Media Center/Faisal Assegaf

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