Hamas Leader Attends the Reception of Indonesia’s Independence

Chief of Hamas Political Bureau Khaled Meshaal on Tuesday night attended the reception of 63rd Indonesia’s independence whuch held by the Embassy of Indonesia in Damascus, Syria.

It was the second time for Meshaal attending the same event after last year. “The security measures are very tight,” a source who close with Hamas told Tempo through his cell phone.

The reception was held in the Muayyat Ballroom at the ground floor of Sheraton Hotel. It is located in Mezze area, central of Damascus. There are around 350 attendances, including Syrian Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Faisal Mikdad. The occasion was held at 20.30 – 22.30.

Meshaal arrived with a black Mercedes Benz convoyed by four security cars. An hour prior to his arrival, tens of his security services aren’t uniformed already protected the hotel neighborhood. His five special bodyguards always around him.

Indonesian Ambassador for Syria Muzammil Basyuni welcomed Meshaal warmly. They shaked hand and kissed cheek each other as part of Arabian tradition. But Meshaal didn’t convey his remarks as unscheduled.

He praised the consistency of Indonesia’s government and its people helping the struggle of Palestinians. “As a largest muslim country in the world with also great potency, I wish Indonesia can play a bigger role to help Palestinians establishing an independent state,” Meshaal said.

At that time, Meshaal expressed his interest on nasi tumpeng and asked how to make it. Even only 45 minutes in that event, his existence is very attractive for all guests. “Because he is very friendly and sympathetic,” the source said.

Faisal Assegaf


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