Haj Ali Akbari: “We Don’t Acknowledge the State of Israel”

For the US President George Walker Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, recently Iran is their biggest enemy. They have also believe the Mullah state is developing nuclear weapons.

Therefore, issues of Iranian nuclear or its democracy has become political commodity in both countries. It wasn’t surprisingly if two US presidential candidates, Barack Hussein Obama from Democrat and John McCain from Republic, have sold issues of Iran to attract American voters.

Iranian Vice President Haj Ali Akbari told reporter Faisal Assegaf and photographer Adri Irianto from Tempo about any issues of Iran at the lobby of Sultan Hotel, Jakarta, yesterday morning. Excerpts:

If Obama won, do you think it can ease tension between the Unites States and Iran?

The changing of the US president during this time never result big change for us. Most of policy makers in the Unites States come from Zionist lobbies. Political parties there have not enough mandate. We hope there is change of the US policies which is very good for international community. We don’t want the US hegemony policy continues. The destiny of human being is not to accept any hegemony.

Obama who was well known close with Arab and muslim communities has turn to become a lover of Zionist. Do you think he is a betrayer?

As I said before, the policy makers weren’t Americans, but Zionist lobbyists behind them. The hegemony policy always oppress anybody for their own selves will never succeed. They think by striking Iraq they can gain their interests, but they were wrong. By invading Iraq, they have been destroying them selves.

So, it’s not important for Iran to resettle diplomatic relationship with the US?

We hope fair relationship with all sides. We didn’t cut relation with the US. They cut it unilaterally. We believe that a relationship in normal situation can beneficial for both sides. If the Unites States changed their policy, accepted our interests, and not against us, obviously we ready to have ties again.

Does Iran have any plan to make relations with Israel?

We don’t acknowledge Israel and we don’t recognize Israel. There is no a state namely Israel. It just some groups of people have occupied a state and called as Zionist regime. We hope they will go out and let muslim communities continue their lives.

So, do you refuse the concept of two state solutions if an independent state of Palestine established?

Only democracy can solve the Palestinian problems. We have suggested that Palestinians to hold a referendum to choose their destiny. But, prior to that, Zionist regime must be dismantled.

Iran always become victim of the United Stated who is so powerful in the United Nations. Any plan to get out from that organization?

We have criticized seriously against the UN structure. But we believe the existence of the United Nations is better than not at all. We also convince that autonomous members of the United Nations have to try increasing their influences to this organization.

Do you think it’s necessary an Islamic country become member of the UN Security Council who has also veto right?

For us, veto is an evil. We have to work together to eliminate this evil. I think it’s necessary for an Islamic country become member of the UN Security Council and we proposed our selves for that position. We hope can cooperate with Indonesia is in that position now.

Is it true Iran supporting Hamas as believed bt the United States and Israel?

Islam taught us to support the oppressed sides. Our support against Palestinians was based on Islamic values and teaching, especially the oppressed side is a part of muslim world. It’s a responsibility of muslim communities around the world to help Palestinian people were repressed. We provide support to Palestinians as well as moral, humanity, culture and social supports.

What about military support?

They don’t wish military support from us. They can get it by them selves.

But a lot of reports said that Iranian Revolutionary Guards has trained Hamas fighters?

What are you saying it’s true, but they expertise to gather anything they want, including weapons. The main source has made Palestinians can hold is their creed. By stones, they can fight against Israeli tanks.

Is Iran ready to supply weapons for Palestinian fighters?

It depends on the situation. But through international trade, they can gain it self and not hoping help from Iran.

Iran is developed in military aspect. Did you offer defend cooperation with Indonesia?

We didn’t offer that. We discussed about how to increase bilateral relationship. The two sides have also reaffirmed to commit all signed agreements.

Most of Iranians are the youths. Do you think they become a weakness for a conservative country like Iran?

We think the young men are a power for the Islamic Republic of Iran. Wherever they are, there are spirit, innovation, creativity, etc. When we have had eight years war against Iraq, we relied on the young men whose ages 23-24 years old. They handled the situation at that time. Recently, any achievements we have, included nuclear technology were resulted by the youths under 30 years old. If we gave chances, they will try hard to achieve what they want. They have fabulous spirit. For a revolutionary state, the most important is having the active youths.

But President Mahmud Ahmadinejad frequently arrests the youths who become political activist?

It is untrue stories. We don’t tackle the persons who called for reforms physically. We have a lot of political parties and organizations. The freedom in Iran recently is on amazing stage. If some one committed betrayal and had relationship with our enemies, certainly we have to take properly actions. It’s normal in any country. We must separate between betrayer and activist.

Ali Khamenei has supported Ahmadinejad to be chosen for the second period. Do you think he is a proper person?

I think his highness President Ahmadinejad is the most suitable person. I hope he will be reelected to finish his on going jobs.

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