Suicide Bombing After Second Intifada

About 22 suicide bombings were useless because no enemy was killed except the bomber.

Suicide bombing was popular in Palestine since broke second intifada in September 2000. The peak season in 2002 while happened 44 suicide bombings.

Until the present, there were 120 suicide bombings committed by Palestinians. Around 652 have been killed and 2,267 injured. These figures not included suicide bombers must be died.

Ten of the bombers were women, included Wafa Idris, a 28 year old widow who worked as paramedic. She has become the first female suicide bomber. There was also Fatimah Umar Mahmud Najar, a 64 year old widow and also grandmother of 41 grandchildren. She was also the oldest woman bomber.

Israeli military said 29 suicide bombers were under 18 year old. The Zionist soldiers also found the picture of baby suicide bomber while raided a house in Hebron, West Bank, in June 2002.

Suicide bombers have believed that they would get paradise as a reward for them. But Islamic clerics have divided in two opinions: allowed (halal) suicide bombing and prohibited (haram).

Suicide bombing is halal because of imbalance power between Palestinians and Israel. As founder of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmad Yassin said: “If we had fighting jets and missiles we will change our way of self defend in legitimate means.”

Islamic clerics who prohibited suicide bombing argued that the actors have killed themselves before killing their enemies. Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Bin Baz has affirmed that suicide bombing isn’t fair due to Al-Quran An-Nisa article 29: “Don’t kill your self.”

Prophet Muhammad has also said: “Anyone who kills his self by a mean therefore he will be tortured by that mean in the end of the day.” Ibnu Taimiyah said suicide bombing is haram and the actor will be eternal in hell.

In the fact, 22 suicide bombings were useless. There were no people and Israeli soldier killed except the bombers. Definitely, suicide bombers has caused their family lost their beloved ones.

Place : restaurant in Jerusalem

Time : 27 January 2002

Actor : Wafa Idris, a 28 year old widow who became paramedic (the first Palestinian female bomber)

Victim: two killed and more than forty injured

Place : checkpoint in West Bank

Time : 27 February 2002

Actor : Darin Abu Aisyah, 21 year old, student at the University of Nablus, West Bank

Victim: five injured, included two Palestinians

Place : shopping centre in Jerusalem

Time : 29 March 2002

Actor : Ayat Akhras, a 18 year old girl

Victim: three killed and 20 injured

Place : bus stop in Jerusalem

Time : 12 April 2002

Actor : Andalib Takafka, a 20 year old girl

Victim: at least six killed and 80 injured

Place : shopping centre in Afula

Time : 19 May 2003

Actor : Hiba Daraghmih, 19 year old, student at the Al-Quds University

Victim: three killed and 93 injured

Place : restaurant in Haifa

Time : 4 Ocotber 2003

Actor : Hamadi taysir Jaradat, a 28 year old female attorney

Victim: 21 killed and 51 injured

Place : joint industrial compound of Israel-Palestine in Gaza Strip

Time : 14 January 2004

Actor : Reem Salih Riyashi, 22 year old, mother of two children

Victim: four killed

Place : Jerusalem

Time : 22 September 2004

Actor : Zainab Abu Salim, a 18 year old girl

Victim: two killed and 17 injured

Place : Bait Hanun, Gaza Strip

Time : 6 November 2006

Actor : Mirvat Massud, 18 yerad old, student at the Gaza Islamic University

Victim: two killed and an Israeli soldier injured

Place : Camp Jabaliyah, Gaza Strip

Time : 23 November 2006

Actor : Fatimah Umar Mahmud Najar, a 64 yerar old widow and grandmother of 41 grandchildren

Victim: three Israeli soldiers injured

BBC/Daily Mail/Faisal Assegaf

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