Gambled Cash Goes to the Jewish Settlement

A US citizen funded the Jewish settlement project from gambled money.

Casino owned by Irving Moskowitz

The gamblers in Hawaiian Gardens perhaps never expect win or lost is not belong to themselves. Their destiny also has impact towards people in East Jerusalem, West Bank, which is thousand kilometers away from the town in southern of California, United States of America.

The Jewish settlers get the advantage from the gamblers, but unfortunately Palestinians face unlucky situation even they have stayed in the holy city for Islam, Christian, and Jew for a long time. Until the present time, Irving Moskowitz who own the casino in Hawaiian Gardens has donated US$ 100 millions to build Jewish settlement.

This issue caused tension on the relationship between United States and Israel in the past three months. US President Barack Hussein Obama has urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop the building project.

Also, that problem has become condition asked by President of Palestinian Authority Mahmud Rida Abbas to resume negotiation. Obama has ambition to revive the peace process between Palestine and Israel that started since Annapolis Conference two years ago. The first black American President has issued the deadline for the creation of Palestinian state at last in the next three years.

Moskowitz, 81, has begun his business in hospital caused by his profession as internist. He changed his mission in the early 1969. At that time, he started to buy Palestinian lands and properties in East Jerusalem to build Yeshiva.

His business growing well after he has taken over a casino in Hawaiian Gardens. The city council received the condition to get one percent of his tens of million dollars annual revenue

He founded the Moskowitz Foundation in accordance to the laws in California. Therefore, this Orthodox Jews can freely transfer million dollar funds to build Jewish settlement in West Bank without paying tax in the US.

The Polish immigrant was passionate to support Jewish settlement since Israel won Six Day War in 1967. One of the recipients is Ateret Cohanim. “We are coming home, we are growing, we will build and continue that process,” said Yossi Baumol, former executive director of Ateret Cohanim.

In 1985, Moskowitz purchased Sheperd Hotel for US$ 1 million. This historic icon was belong to Jerusalem mufti Hajj Amin al-Husseini who worked with Nazi during the Second World War. He has plane to topple the hotel for building 20 luxury apartments and an underground garage.

Obama can urge Netanyahu to stop the building of settlement in West Bank. But as long as Moskowitz’s casino is not forced to close, those projects will continuously expand. As an Israeli activist for human rights said, Rabbi Haim Beliak, Moskowitz has run ethnic cleansing mission against Palestinians.

ABC/Bloomberg/Guardian/Faisal Assegaf

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