The Therapy of Islamic Sharia on the Gaza Land

Gaza females are not allowed to show their genitalia on the beach.

Female students in a Gaza school

Slowly but sure, Hamas which occupied the Gaza Strip since mid June 2007 has started to impose Islamic sharia. A day after first early meal, this group ordered female students to wear Muslim clothes, dark blue robes with white headscarf and black or white shoes.

This new rule was issued on the first day of school, a week earlier than the school new year in the Fatah-dominated West Bank. Therefore, the decree has caused girl students are unable to have a fashionable performance.

Though denied by Hamas officials, in fact that there were announcements of the Islamic-style clothing uniform at every school. “Palestinian society is committed by nature and does not need decrees to force it to be so,” said Education Minister Muhammad Asqul.

Actually, the implementation of Islamic law-based rules is not something new in Gaza. Hamas which labeled as a terrorist organization by the United States and Israel have also obliged woman lawyers to wear the Jilbab in the court. Also, women are banned to show their genitalia on the beach. Obviously, men that have to wear shirt and knee-long pants on the beach can not enjoy sexy body girls under sun bathing.

It is also not a strange point that Hamas imposed Islamic laws in the around 1.5 million people area. They have been well known more religious and militant than the secular and moderate Fatah.

As quoted by Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper, according to director of education for Western Gaza, Mahmud Abu Hasira, in the future only female teachers will be allowed to teach in the Hamas-organized schools. “Our society is Muslim and Islam imposes the separation of sexes from the age of seven. WE have acted on this basis to replace male teachers with female ones,” he said.

Hamas spokesman, Tahir Nunu, said the decision to alleviate parents’ financial burden caused by the blockade. In the past two years, the supplies of food, drugs, electricity, water, fuels, and other materials are so difficult to find. If there are their stocks, the prices are over expensive.

Some students and parents have protested the new uniforms. According to Abu Ahmad, 55, the new policy was unjust. He said a number of parents have planned to send their daughters to private schools.

At the Basyir al-Rayyas high school, several gir students stood on the gate because they did not wear the Muslim style clothing. One of them is Islam Sa’ad who wanted to move to another school. Her friend, Salwa, 16, said in tears, “We can accept to wear everything except the Jilbab because it extorts our childhood and make us look old women.”

But Hanim Musallam said she supports any decision imposing the Islamic uniform to secure our purity.

Probably, the therapy of Islamic sharia is one of Hamas’ tactics against Israel. As mentioned in the Al-Quran that Jews and Christians will never accept until you (Muslims) follow their doctrines.

AFP/Xinhua/Faisal Assegaf

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