Spa in Gaza City

Some Hamas officials also become customer.

Rosy spa

It’s so lucky for wealth people in Gaza City. They can relax their muscles and tendons because Rosy is still alive. It’s not the name of a sexy, beautiful young girl. It is the only luxurious spa there.

Rosy looks more chic than refugee camps or other buildings are pock caused by Israeli missiles and mortars. Located on a hilltop, it looks graceful, not like holed streets, donkey carts, and militant graffiti that become common view in Gaza City.

It’s quiet fortunately that Rosy still alive from the 22 days of Gaza War. Though, Israeli aggression has destroyed the Gaza Strip of 1.5 million people. Israeli war machines have killed more than 1,400 people which half of women and children.

Rosy has become client for businessmen, landowners, aid workers, journalists, and even the occasional senior Hamas official. “We have the highest quality services in the region,” said Muhammad Faris as he smoked in the daytime of Ramadan, two weeks ago.

He launched the spa a decade ago with his British wife. He told about one of his loyal clients, a woman who worked as an EU (European Union) advisor. “She went to New York and called me from there and said she missed Rosy,” said Faris.

He did not speak carelessly.  His Rosy spa has provided services that create a fit body and a fresh spirit. It has a steam room, a sauna, a small gym, and a beauty parlour. There used to be a Jacuzzi, but Faris had to drain it in 2006 because he could not import the right filters.

To get all conveniences, rich men in Gaza City have to spend a lot of money that could shock other Gaza residents. Around 70 per cent of Gaza residents live with only US$ 1 a day. Meanwhile, for a facial in Rosy runs from US$ 20-75 and some US$ 40 for a one-hour massage. Most of customers spend at least US$ 15 per day in small fortunes.

Earlier this month, Rosy served only to women because there were not enough man clients. The spa closed during the war. “After the war I wasn’t expecting anyone to come and then I got massive business… The women come to relax, to feel pretty, to feel better,” said Faris.

AFP/Faisal Assegaf

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