Controversy of Obama’s Nobel

By Faisal Assegaf

In fact US President Barack Hussein Obama surprised, absolutely for global society. Most likely no one in this universe has previously predicted on October 9 he will receive the Nobel Prize for Peace at his nine months in power. Nobel committee in Oslo, Norway, argued that he has done great efforts to create a world free of nuclear weapons and a better situation of international relations, especially in term of relationship between his country and the Muslim world.

It is a hasty assessment to conclude that Obama’s policy on world peace will be successful. There’s no one of those two great ideas has been emerged. Five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council added with India, Pakistan, Israel, Iran, and North Korea still have nuclear power. The relationship between the US and Islam is not harmonic yet. So, definitely he also upset and the controversy of his Nobel sparked.

Both ambitions are like a dream. How come this first US black president call for free nuclear weapons but they still have its stock. Obviously, the US has to be a good sample thus other nuclear countries can trust his good plan. But it must be sure Washington has no willingness to be the first country to dispel their nuclear weapons.

It’s quiet funny that the US has prohibited Iran and North Korea from having nuclear technology. Since the first period of former president George Walker Bush regime, they have strongly campaigned to urge international community to repress both countries. The White House viewed anti-communist Pyongyang and anti-Zionist Tehran as threat against world peace because was believed to have nuclear weapons.

In the case of India and Pakistan, the problem is so complicated to be resolved. Both neighbouring countries have fought three times in war since Pakistan separated from India in 1947. The prolong conflict caused by claim of Kashmir has implicated on the suspicious relationship between them. Therefore, nuclear power are needed to prevent from they strike each other.

Also, Obama’s call will be underestimated because their doubled standard on Israel. They White House has never condemned or expressed their suspicion that the Zionist state has nuclear weapons. The world has been shown strong evidences. Mordechai Vanunu, a nuclear expert had worked at Dimona reactor in Negev desert revealed that Israel has 200 nuclear heads. Because of his actions, Vanunu has been in jail for 18 years and now banned to go out of East Jerusalem. Israel surely will not destroy their nuclear weapons because live rounded by Arabian countries which become their enemies.

Also, second d dream is quiet hard to be achieved as long as Palestinians don’t gain their independence. This is issue in the only key to pass into a harmonic situation of the relationship between the US and its allies with Muslim countries and the creation of peace in the Middle East. In a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the White House last May, this US 44th president proposed a plan to create an independent Palestinian state at last in the next three years.

Full support and special relationship between the US and Israel has triggered emergence of groups that oppose both countries, like Hamas in Palestine, Hizbullah in Libanon, also Al-Qaidah and Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Obama should be ready to face drop popularity among Muslim countries because he would move the battle field from Iraq to Afghanistan.

But Obama’s strong efforts to reconcile the two sides that fought in more than six decade conflict failed. Several visits by US envoy for Middle East George Mitcheel and US Foreign Minister Hillary Rodham Clinton to Middle East have no result. Otherwise, he has been ashamed because Netanyahu rejected his demand to suspend Jewish settlement building in East Jerusalem. Obama thought this issue is very important because it has become final condition back to negotiation process as requested by President of Palestinian Authority and also Fatah leader Mahmud Rida Abbas.

Jewish settlement is a Tel Aviv strategy to expel Palestinians from East Jerusalem, a holy city for three religions – Islam, Jewish, and Christian – was dreamed to be capital city of future Palestinian state. Though breaking international law, the David Star state has stated Jerusalem as their eternal and undivided capital city through Jerusalem Basic Law was passed by Knesset (parliament of Israel) in 1980. All government offices, including Netanyahu’s official residents have moved to Jerusalem. As substitution, Israel has offered Abu Dis in East Jerusalem suburb to be capital city of future Palestinian state.

The issue should not be his top priority. Obama earlier has to establish the unity between Hamas and Fatah. Their division has been triggered by the rejection of the US and Israel against Hamas regime that won election in 25 January 2006. They labeled Hamas as a terrorist organization. Reconciliation of those two biggest factions in Palestine is so necessary to negotiate with the Jewish state.

Also, this mission is restraint by Israeli aggressiveness against Palestinians. Obama must immediately end the isolation on Gaza Strip has caused about 1.5 million residents died slowly. It caused by shortages of food, electricity, water, fuels, medicines, and other materials. Their bad situation becomes worse after Israel has bombed the region for 22 days and killed more than 1,400 people, a half of children and women. Israel argued that military aggression as a conviction for rocket attacks fired by Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters to southern Israel. Definitely, their impacts and destructions are not level.

The President from Democrat Party must stop and demolish the project of Separation Wall in West Bank. The apartheid wall building has robbed Palestinian lands. Palestinians freedom has been restraint by around 650 Israeli military checkpoints becomes tighter. The 750 kilometer long wall has only one gate in every town and city passed. Also, they would be monitored by 24 hours towers and surveillance aircrafts.

So, with no achievements, Obama should not be chosen for the Nobel Prize. If excellent ideas and great efforts were considered, Richard Goldstone heading a UN fact finding team in Gaza is a suitable nominee. It’s the first time the United Nations investigated a war involving Israel that should be praised.

The result is so surprisingly. The 575 pages report was arranged by Goldstone and his four member team concluded that Israel and Hamas committed war crimes in the war. The report recommended to the UN Security Council to order Israeli government and Palestinian Authority conducting an independent investigation about the report. If no results in six months, the case should be referred to the International Criminal Tribunal in Den Haag, Netherland. A week after announcement of the report, Obama regime said it’s unjust report because more highlighted Israeli war crimes than Hamas ones.

The second nominee might be Egyptian Presiden Husni Mubarak. In the last three years, he has done what Obama not yet done is mediation of negotiations between Palestine-Israel, Hamas-Israel, and Hamas-Fatah, though no results. He sometimes allows supplies of necessities brought into Gaza through Rafah border. The US always takes Egypt as their counterpart to revive peace process between Palestine and Israel. Because of its much importance, Obama has chosen Cairo as a place to convey his messages about a new relationship with Muslim world, a speech praised by many sides.

International community may put so high hopes on Obama. But the Nobel Prize for him in his first year with no achievements is too premature.

Published on Koran Tempo daily, October 26, 2009.

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