Glamour Life of Israeli Politicians

Barak likes to host luxury parties.

Two Israeli former primes ministers: Ehud Olmert and Ariel Sharon

It was not surprised if Israeli former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert involved in corruption. Apparently, glamour life has spread among Israeli politicians.

Olmert have been well known as he likes going abroad. When he was minister of industry, trade, and labour, in June 2005 he trip to New York, United States, for three days. He stayed at a superb luxury room with tariff US$ 1,400 a night at St. Regis Hotel

Two months before, he attended dinner invitation with his wife in New York. The spouse stayed in a luxury suite at a cost US$ 2,600 per night at the Peninsula Hotel.

Israeli public is currently focusing on Israeli Defense Minister and chairman of Labour Party Ehud Barak. As reported by Israeli news paper Yisrael Hayom last Sunday, he often holds wealthy parties in his premium apartment in north Tel Aviv. The participants started from well influenced publishers, businessmen, foreign diplomats, until politicians he attends to lobby.

There are luxury things in his 350-square meters apartment, including an automatic light and sound system, electronic shutters, and a dining table that can sit upward of 40 people. The price of his apartment in 31st floor is US$ 10 million or almost 400 times of Israeli per capita income.

His most prized possession is an easel which holds a large photo album containing meter by meter pictures. The album features a number of interesting figures, including a photograph of a young Carla Bruni, a super model who currently the first lady of France. She is seen in the photograph naked while sitting on her father’s lap.

Because of his quietly prestigious apartment, an anonymous businessman has acknowledged that he was shocked. When he attended Barak’s 65th birthday party, in February two years ago, he felt like a visitor in Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s mansion. “It is as if he has gone insane. He lives in another universe, disconnected from the people, enchanted by money, by power.”

Also, Barak likes to waste the state’s money when he was going abroad, such as he attended Paris Air Show last June. The exhibition which held every two years is mandatory agenda for Israel Defense Department to show their competitive weapons.

At that time, Barak took 40 people, including his wife Nili Priel. Just for two nights in Paris, they spent 939,000 euros. They stayed in a suite which has cost 2,500 euros per night.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also the same behavior. In his first period of power, during 1996-1999 more than once he stayed at premium hotels, the Park Lane and the Stanhope in New York, United States. When he attended United Nations General Assembly meeting last month, his delegation spent about US$ 1.3 million.

In the middle of Libanon War 2006, Netanyahu and his spouse Sara visited London for pro-Israel campaign. They spent 131,000 shekels or more than US$ 36,000 for a week trip. These expenses included melas, entertainment, laundry, and Sara hair stylish.

Haaretz/Faisal Assegaf

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