Temporary Marriage in Hizbullah Community

The period of contract is between an hour until a year.

Syiah taught allows temporary marriage (mut’ah). But for Hizbullah which is the most powerful arms group in South Libanon, mut’ah has become a measure to strengthen support from Syiah community.

According to Muhammad, a Syiah who live in the suburb of southern Beirut, Hizbullah has enpowered their root of support in the society. “You can create the most loyalist troops by providing them political power, public service, and sexual need,” said the 40 year-old man.

Since 1980s, the organization which is labelled as terrorist by the US and Israel provided free health and education services for their supporters. Hizbulah’s service more increased when mut’ah has been allowed among Syiahs.

The contract of temporary marriage is so simple. The brides says: “I marry my self with you (for a specific period) with dowry (mention its number and its types).” The groom only reply: “I accept.” The period of the contract commonly between an hour until a year and it can be extended with their approval.

Based on the rule, the woman can only marry with a muslim man. Otherwise, the man can engage with a woman from Islam, Christian, and Jews as long as she has divorced. But aftermath the Libanon War in 2006, Hizbullah permitted a muslim man marry with a girl or an unmarried woman if he got permission form her real father or her father in-law.

Hizbullah should be able to face the reality that most of their supporters are liberal Syiah follower. They have been influenced by seculear cultures and western styles. Even recently is easier to get dating friend from the Internet.

According to a writer and Syiah activist, Lukman Salim, Hizbullah is necessary to balance the sexual necessity of their followers and their support in fighting anti-Zionism. “Therefore Hizbullah decided that easier to allow sex practices based on certain religion rule to maintain control on the community,” he said.

Also, Hizbullah has authorized to repress a solution if there was unexpected problems because of temporary marriage, such as prenancy and conflict. “Finally it is just a matter of control not tolerance,” Salim said.

Foreign Policy/Faisal Assegaf

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