Abdul Aziz Dweik: “There Need a Regime Change in Palestine”

The Palsetinian people were anger after the release of the Palestine papers which is about the falseness from the chief negotiators, such as Saeb Erekat and Ahmad Qureia. They launched protests in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian leaders, included Hamas, have blamed them for the untrue story of the negotiations with Israel. Even, the chairman of the Palestinian Legislative Council Abdul Aziz Dweik called for a regime change in Palestine.

He spoke to Faisal Assegaf from Tempo via cellular phone last night. Excerpts:

What is you comments on the leaked documents was reported by Aljazeera and Guardian?
Those documents which published by Aljazeera and Guardian are authentic and revealed many secrets. They showed that the negotiations between Palestine and Israel are dead. The documents indicated that Israel was not serious to negotiate and our negotiators used very bad strategies.

Does it mean the Palestinian negotiators were not also serious?
That’s right because they had provided unimagined offers to Israel.

So, what should be done by the Palestinians?
There need a unity among the Palestinian people to struggle against the Zionist occupier. All the Palestinian political leaders, including Hamas and Fatah, have to be soon for reconciliation.

How the reconciliation can be achieved because the documents said that MI6 has a plan to dismantle Hamas and other radical Palestinian groups?
It is true, that’s why the western countries should change their strategy. They don’t break the Palestinian unity. If that such strategy continues to work the West will be isolated by Arab countries.

Is it necessary for a regime change to restart the peace process with Israel?
The regime change is needed but that should be done peacefully. The change must come out from a democratic way that reflects the people willingness.

Regarding the past experience, the western countries sponsored by the US and Israel had refused Hamas victory in the election because they labeled Hamas as a terrosirist organization?
The international community must show their respect on the Palestinian option because that is the God destiny and not the human willingness. If democratic ways are not appreciated and accepted, that’s only give advantage to Israel. And then there will never be a unity among the Palestinians.

Thus, if Fatah is still in power, the negotiations with Israel will continue to be deadlock?
Yes, the peace process has deadlock for a long time. There need a change of ruling power that really has support from all Palestinians. It just can be done through the election.

Do you think the revolution wave started from Tunisia will spread into Palestine?
Only God knows but the Palestinian people don’t trust the current leadership anymore.

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