Mahmud Zahar: “Armed Resistance is the Best Way to Obliterate Israel”

This June is the fourth year of the Israel’s total blockade against the Gaza Strip occupied by Hamas. Actually, the isolation was imposed since the hard-liner group won the election on January 25, 2006.

Though live in desperate conditions and insecure, the founder and the leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip insisted that armed resistance is the best way to expel the occupier Israel from the land of Palestine. Not by negotiation such as committed by their contender Fatah, led by the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmud Rida Abbas.

Speaking to Faisal Assegaf through his mobile today, Zahar also explained about the ongoing discussion on the national unity government and effort to reach the recognition from the United Nations against the state of Palestine. Excerpts:

How is the progress of the discussion on the national unity government?
There is no development until this time because Abu Mazin (Mahmud Abbas) didn’t want to accept our proposals, included who should be head the unity government.

Why did Hamas refuse to support Salam Fayyad?
We can’t accept Abu Mazin’s idea that Salam Fayyad is the only suited candidate. We think he is just puplet for the United States of America and Israel.

Therefore, who is the candidate proposed by Hamas?
We won’t discuss about the name in media. Our agreement with Fatah is the national unity government. So, whoever become the next head of the unity government, technocrat, independent, or any faction is not problem for us if he is commitment to work for the interest of the people of Palestine.

Do you agree on Abu Mazin’s effort to get the UN recognition against the state of Palestine?
It’s just political jump and has no meaning for the Palestinians. It’s only political strategy based on the interest of Fatah. How could we get our land while at the same time Israel continue to expand the Jewish settlement.

It means you believe that effort will not succeed?
Yes, I don’t believe.

Until this time, do you still convince that armed resistance is the best way against Israel?
It has been our position for a long time. We are still talking about armed resistance rather than negotiation to obliterate Israel.

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