Scout Israel’s Biological Weapon Factory

Israel’s Institute of Biological research (IIBR) produces poisons which used to kill Palestinian leaders.

Nobody knows that kind of activities inside that building. Drivers passing the Tel Aviv-Rishon Litsion highway only can glimpse briefly toward a mammoth on a hurst. They are allowed to turn up a road to that building.

The building was fenced by cement wall equipped with super tight security system. Off course normally because that was the location of Israel’s Institute of Biological research (IIBR). It’s located about 20 kilometers south of Tel Aviv. The institute is the top secret military installation in the Zionist state. By the military stiffed-censor, press could not seek any information about it.

But currently the secret has been kept for almost six decades a little bit leaked publicly. It happened in last May while a long time employee at IIBR, Avisha Klein, sued his office for harassment and emotional abuse. He is a senior staff and experienced in various positions He had joined a team which develop ointment to protect skin from the mustard gas.

IIBR was built in 1952 by Professor Ernst David Bergman, science adviser of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, and Dr Alexander Keynan. The institute established based on the order of David Ben-Gurion.

Because of it’s top secret status, all information belong to IIBR should be get permission first from Ben-Gurion before provide to Israeli top officials. Even, the scientists who worked for IIBR had apologized to Prime Minister Moshe Sharett when he visited there in 1954, because they could not explain about on going programs.

IIBR has about 350 employees, include 150 scientists that world in one or more departments. Each of department has specialization in chemical or biological research that generally intend to produce chemical and biological weaponry. As a strategic institution, IIBR has also worked with Mossad, Shin Beth, and Aman (military intelligence agency).

A number of reports said IIBR has produced which used in assassination effort against the leader of Hamas Political Bureau Khalid Misya’al in Amman in 1997. It’s mission conducted by Kidon, a notorius unit in Mossad, They failed aand Misya’al still alive after receiving antidote as an exchange for the release of two Mossad agents.

Haaretz dailyhas reported that poison made by IIBR used by Mossad for the first time to kill the leader of PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) Wadi Haddad in 1977. He was accused responsible for the hijacking of an Israeli airplane route Entebbe, Uganda, in 1976.

According to a book written by Israeli journalist, Aharon Klein, Mossad inserted that poison to his fondness Belgium chocolates. An Iraqi official who worked for Mossad brought the poisonous chocolates to Haddad who lived exile in Baghdad. Because of its slow effect, the poison in Haddad’s body couldn’t be detected.

His conditions slowly deteriorated. A year later, he died. A medical team of a hospital in East Germany who treated him found that he suffered leukaemia.

IIBR has also a department which develops anti-biological weapon vaccines, include anthrax vaccine. “The Institute has received million of dollars (from the United States of America) to produce anthrax vaccine,” Haaretz said in their Ibrani language site. The grant provided following attacks from home-grown terrorist by using anthrax virus.

Ironically, it’s not only rabbits, pigs, monkeys or other animals which become experiment for the effectiveness of anthrax vaccine. Israeli suited soldiers also tested for the vaccine.

Like doing scout, we couldn’t collect detailed information about IIBR. Though, it’s enough to call Israel as a big threat to security and peace in the world.

Haaretz/Faisal Assegaf

2 thoughts on “Scout Israel’s Biological Weapon Factory

  1. The Genus for Israels Biological Weapons Program was provided by South Africa in the late 50’s and early 1960’s. Israel also purchased South African nuclear material and designs at the same time.

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