Netanyahu’s Son Called Islam as A Terror Religion

Yair Netanyahu also hoped there will be no Palestinian state.

The hardline position of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has likely descended to his eldest son, Yair Netanyahu. Haaretz daily newspaper reported yesterday the 19 year-old boy wrote in his Facebook page that Islam is a terror religion.

The cynical comment against the religion embraced by more than one billion people wrote after five Jewish settlers in the West Bank had been stabbed until dead by a Palestinian man. “Terror has a religion and it is Islam,” said Yair who currently under military service.

Earlier this year, he also wrote that Muslim had celebrated hated and death. Obviously, those accusations sparked protests among Palestinians. The incident emerged during uncertainly prospect of the negotiation between Palestine and Israel.

Yair also wrote his hope for there will be no a Palestinian state. His Facebook account made two years ago and has 23 followers. His group called boycott agains Arab business and Arab products.

Haaretz said all comments against Islam and Arab committed within two hours. The policy had been taken while Haaretz try to ask confirmation from prime minister’s aides. But there is no one responses.

The attorney of Netanyahu family, David Shimron, insisted that Netanyahu and his wife Sara believed in moderation and tolerance. “They respect all people without regard their religion, origin, and nationality. That’s the way they raised their children,” said Shimron in his statement.

Yair has committed military service since last year. But he didn’t follow the path of his father and his uncle Yoni Netanyahu. Yair refused to join a combat unit and chosen to be posted in Army Radio.

Israel has obliged boy and girl at least 18 year-old to conduct military service. The period of the service is three years for boy and two years for girl.

Haaretz/Faisal Assegaf

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