Haj Ali Akbari: “We Don’t Acknowledge the State of Israel”

For the US President George Walker Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, recently Iran is their biggest enemy. They have also believe the Mullah state is developing nuclear weapons.

Therefore, issues of Iranian nuclear or its democracy has become political commodity in both countries. It wasn’t surprisingly if two US presidential candidates, Barack Hussein Obama from Democrat and John McCain from Republic, have sold issues of Iran to attract American voters. Continue reading

Rabbi Ahron Cohen: “The State of Israel is A Tragedy”

His affirmed position against Zionist clearly displayed from one of his principal: “I will never go to Israel. I also don’t want to Palestine as well as it’s still a part of Israel.”

He is Rabbi Ahron Cohen a spokesman for Neturei Karta, an orthodox Jewish group was established in 1935. This organization has refused Zionism and wants Israel dismissed. This community recently exists around Jerusalem, London, New York, and North America. Continue reading

Laila Khalid: “I Never Regret”

Her name had shaken the world. She was the first Palestinian woman who hijacked two aircrafts to protest Israeli occupation against her country. She was Laila Khalid, a member of Popular Front for Liberation Palestine (PFLP).

Her first action committed on 29 August 1969 against a Boeing 707 belongs to Trans World Airlines (TWA) with flight number 840 in route from Rome to Athena. She has forced the pilot to land on international airport in Damascus, Syria, after flew from Haifa, her birth city. After all passengers and crews have got down, Laila and her team blew up the plane. Continue reading

Mordechai Vanunu: “Israel Has 200 Nuclear Bombs”

According to the Israeli government, Mordechai Vanunu is a traitor because he head leaked the secret of the Israel’s nuclear program. He claimed Israel has produced 200 nuclear bombs.

He told that top secret to Peter Hpunam, a reporter for the Sunday Times. The paper published those interesting stories and Vanunu’s photograph on September 28, 1986. On 5 October, The Times released the stories equipped with documents and the pictures of the inside of the Dimona reactor which recorded secretly by Vanunu himself. The title of that report was “Revealing the Secret of the Israel’s Nuclear Weapons”. Continue reading